Leads Are Cash CEO and Founder

For the past 21 years, Leo Palmer has focused on helping people discover their inner powers to succeed, creating lives of prosperity and personal development through his personal approach of mentoring and coaching.

Leo Palmer graduated from UCLA with a Marketing and Business degree. He has co-authored two books with authors of the caliber of Bob Proctor, from The Secret, Zig Ziglar, Mari Diamond, Jim Rohn and Bryan Tracy.

Leo built multiple businesses resulting in a multi-million-dollar empire. He has appeared in many national TV talk shows as a money coach, master marketer and personal development expert. He is highly respected and sought by many major corporations worldwide.

His approach humbly brings to the table a vast level of expertise to help and awaken the average person to gain massive success. He believes in the old school of one-on-one mentorship and coaching.

It is through his teachings that he is able to ensure a solid financial future for anyone who dares to soar and fly high with Leads Are Cash.